I'm Trish French, a Florida native who embarked on a journey to see the world through a new lens... to experience travel like a local. I am here to share how to experience the true culture, local cuisine, and hidden gems that most people miss. 

My husband and I travel by seeing depth and gaining cultural wisdom. Our travel itineraries are more than your average blogs. We provide "off-the-beaten-path" adventures to see the hidden gems of the world. You'll dive deep into culture and history, see global wonders through unique experiences, and taste the local cuisine and delicacies. Use our guides to create unforgettable experiences and travel smarter with our wise worldly travel tips.  

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My desire to help others heal has driven me to explore this fascinating world. Gaining knowledge about different cultures creates awareness and unique insight into obtaining internal peace and happiness. With being in the therapy field for 13 years, I wanted to create more change in the world. My focus and expertise are Healing Childhood Sexual Trauma. I saw many loved ones suffer for decades and witnessed how trauma affects people, deeply stunting their life, relationships, and opportunities. The only solution our society has had for sexual abuse is spending years in therapy or attend an inpatient treatment center, which has been proven to provide a patch fix for temporary relief. 


I spent the last 14 years exploring and researching different cultures around the world. The goal was to gain an understanding of healing and happiness. 

Why do some countries experience a higher quality of life?

Even countries that have fewer resources, food, and safety. 


How do they prioritize happiness and joy? 


What motivates them? 


How do they maintain a life full of peace and joy? 


In comparison, why are many people in the United States unhappy? With all the luxuries, wealth, and conveniences, they still feel life is not worth living… 


The answer is simple and powerful. Without purpose and passion, your life becomes meaningless. 


My love for travel and a thirst to find a solution for healing trauma quicker changed my path as a therapist. Through my cultural knowledge and expertise, I created a modern solution to heal survivors globally within months. My virtual program has allowed me to pursue my purpose and passion, therapy and travel. I was determined to create a new path for my life, one where I could heal survivors and also have the freedom to explore this incredible world. 

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