7 Day Trips From Seychelles

Seychelles is rated one of the most stunning islands in the world and now you have a chance to explore all of its magnificent beauty! Discover remote islands by boat to explore the surreal granite boulders, lush rainforests, unique wildlife, and exotic underwater creatures only found in the Indian Ocean. The picturesque beaches are overall perfection, with unique photo opportunities at every turn. Here is our pick of the Seychelles islands to include on your island-hopping adventure.

Cousine Island

Excellent for wildlife and conservation

Cousin Island is one of Seychelles' top conservation success stories. A former coconut plantation bought by the International Council for the Protection of Birds (ICBP), it became the world's first internationally-owned reserve in 1968.

Today, this bio-diverse haven nurtures everything from skinks, geckos and endemic lizards, to giant tortoises. It's one of the most important nesting sites for hawksbill turtles in the western Indian Ocean, with up to 100 individuals laying their eggs here each year.

Open to the public on weekday mornings, you can sail here from Praslin or Cousine islands. Visits are carefully managed through wardens and guided tours.

Grande Soeur and Petite Soeur

Perfect for a "private island retreat" feel

These unspoiled sister islands are two of the best-preserved in the Seychelles. Although Grande Soeur is private, a limited number of day-trippers are allowed access on weekdays. They come for the pristine beaches, nesting sea turtles, and picture-perfect scenery.

Petite Soeur is smaller and harder to reach by boat, with a rocky coastline surrounded by a reef. The snorkeling is fantastic and, if you make it ashore, be sure to explore the walking trails.

Seychelles Guide, Granite Boulders, Paradise Beaches, Day Trips from Seychelles

St Pierre

Best for desert island dreaming

A pile of granite rocks topped with coconut palms and surrounded by crystalline waters, St Pierre is a quintessential Seychelles islet. Completely unspoiled, there are no cafes, restaurants or other developments on this uninhabited islet. The waters teem with fish, so it's a great place for snorkeling, with surgeonfish, fusiliers, and jacks among the regulars.


Famous for giant tortoises and guided walks

A ten-minute boat trip from Praslin, this bio-reserve makes an ideal day trip for nature fans. An island and marine park, Curieuse is a sanctuary for endemic, with rich red earth, rare black parrots, and a colony of giant Aldabra tortoises. You'll also find the "coco-de-mer" growing here – the biggest nut in the world.

Seychelles Guide, Giant Tortoises, Paradise Beaches, Day Trips from Seychelles

Ile Cocos

Renowned for snorkeling & scuba diving

With a dazzling coral reef, this protected and uninhabited island is part of the Ile Cocos Marine Park, which was established in 1996. Shallow, crystal clear waters make this a top spot for snorkeling and scuba-diving day trips. Sink beneath the surface and look for everything from parrotfish, pufferfish, eels and eagle rays, to reef sharks, hawksbill turtles and migrating whale sharks. Completely unspoiled, there are no restaurants, cafes, or accommodation here.

Seychelles Guide, Paradise Beaches, Day Trips from Seychelles


Excellent for scenic hikes & rich history

Pirate graves, ancient tombs, buried treasure and the ghost of an eccentric English woman: Moyenne has plenty of tales to tell. Six km east of Mahé, it takes around thirty minutes to get here by boat.

10-hectare Moyenne became a National Park with more than 100 free-roaming tortoises. Today, day-trippers can meet the giant tortoises, explore three miles of walking trails, or walk around the island (which takes about an hour). Snorkelers have a chance seeing rays and reef sharks, and there's a restaurant here for lunch.


Perfect for self-guided exploration

Four kilometers from Mahé, this undeveloped island is home to a small community of 100 or so residents who sail across to Mahé each day for work. Day-trippers can travel to Cerf by boat taxi, charter or organized tour.

A perfect place to unwind, Cerf has dazzling beaches, a handful of restaurants, a couple of accommodation restaurants, and no main roads. Two jungle trails guide you through the island's interior, past fruit bats, chameleons, and giant tortoises. At low tide, you can walk around the entire island on the beach, or wade through the shallows to uninhabited Île Cachée, which sits 60 meters off the southern coast.

Surrounded by coral reef, the snorkeling is fantastic, with a marked trail that guides you to rare black corals. At night, the island's pier is illuminated, creating an aquarium of turtles, rays and tropical fish.

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Seychelles Guide, Granite Boulders, Paradise Beaches, Day Trips from Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands are more diverse than most other exotic island destinations, inviting you to explore and discover. Yet, most travelers never leave their luxury hotels and resorts. If you like remote places, unspoiled nature, diverse wildlife, picturesque beaches, and fresh food straight from the sea, you will love discovering the lesser-known islands of Seychelles.





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