Hiking Excursions into the Grand Canyon

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As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Grand Canyon will leave you speechless at its incomprehensible size and timely creation over BILLIONS of years. With it's swirling geographical layers of color, The Grand Canyon is a photographer's dream. For the adventurous soul, set out on a challenging hike below the rim to experience an unforgettable journey. Taking in its magnificent beauty will leave you breathless.

Going to see the Grand Canyon sounded cliché and unappealing to me at first. I was more of a big city traveler at the time and didn't think much about seeing "a pile of rocks in the desert." After watching the movie WILD (with Reece Witherspoon!), I was inspired to embark on a hiking exhibition into the Grand Canyon, hoping to have a life-changing experience. I wanted to gain insight for self-growth and truly understand my purpose.

I chose a difficult and challenging hike, Tanner Trail, a 7-mile expedition into the Grand Canyon. I trained with determination to conquer the challenge! This inspiring hike provided clarity on my new path... traveling the world to understand mental health through different cultures. This milestone initiated my worldly travels and created the opportunity to take my therapy knowledge to an international level. From this point in time, I set out to create a revolutionary program to heal trauma survivors within months. Arizona will always hold a special place in my heart for self-growth and new beginnings.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone...

Five million people visit the Grand Canyon National Park every year, but only 1% hike miles below the rim. Aspire to be the small percentage of people that truly experience the Grand Canyon from a unique perspective. Challenge your physical and mental abilities for self-growth, feel the peacefulness of nature, and soak up the phenomenal view. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you won't forget!

I highly recommend a private tour with Wildland Trekking for their exceptional certified guides who are knowledgeable and safe, provide top-of-the-line gear, and delicious meals prepared while relaxing on a spectacular cliff. I loved how passionate our guide was about hiking and spirituality. We felt as if we were backpacking with a lifelong friend, truly amazing experience!

Choose from several trails in the Grand Canyon, all different lengths and difficulties. If you're adventurous and up for the challenge, embark on Tanner Trail, their most serious day hike! You will descend 3-4 miles into the canyon, on a remote and rugged hiking trail. Check out Wildland Trekking's Itinerary & Guide below to help customize your Grand Canyon adventure.


Tusayan (outside the park)

Tusayan is the gateway community to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It's located only a few miles from the park entrance. Rooms in Tusayan fill up quickly, so book your reservations early.

South Rim Grand Canyon (inside the park)

Xanterra Corporation is the primary concessionaire for Grand Canyon National Park. Options include:

Book your accommodations through the official sites above or by phone, through Xanterra’s reservations line 888-297-2757 within the U.S. (or 303-297-2757 outside the U.S).

Book Your Hike with Wildland Trekking

To reserve a Wildland Trekking Grand Canyon day hike call 1-800-715-4453 (HIKE) and talk to one of their friendly guides. We highly recommend our tour guide, Shayne Hall, who led us on a life- changing journey with his knowledge, skills, and passion for hiking. You can email him directly at Shaynewildlandtrekking.com or email the company at hike@wildlandtrekking.com and they will set you up with a guide. Please let them know Trish French recommended you and you may receive a future discount!


The closest airport to the Grand Canyon is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). After arriving in Phoenix, rent a car to drive to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon (3.5-hour drive).

Stay for 2 nights to enjoy the scenic view and to complete your day hike in the Grand Canyon.

I highly recommend visiting Page, Arizona after the Grand Canyon, which is a 2 hour drive from the South Rim. Check out the Page's incredible canyons and hidden gems HERE. For the ultimate hiking experience, stay at Terry's Airbnb for 3-4 nights. (Read my Insider's Guide to Page, Arizona blog)

Driving back to Phoenix International Airport will take approx 4 hours from Terry's Airbnb. This scenic drive is stunning and worth the trip!


Packing for Your Grand Canyon Adventure

*Our recommended high-quality athletic wear come in a variety of colors and sizes.

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